My mom has been at Sedgwick Place for two months now.  Getting my mom out of the home has been a journey.  As parents get older you see and notice declines in ability to safely and comfortably remain in the home.  When we tried to talk about moving out of her home. The family was met with great resistance. None of us children live in Wichita. We would have to rotate weekends.   We placed cameras in the home so that we could check on her during the week.   There is that difficult balance of trying to respect her wishes. As time passed on, it became clear that she should not be in the home alone anymore. She was not taking her medications like she was supposed to. Meals consisted mainly of Ensure and whatever meals provided by the local meals on wheels and church.  We kept her freezer and frig stocked with food.  Noticed that she was not using the food that we purchased.  Out of safety and with the winter approaching (I live out of state) I was not going to be able to come to Wichita as often.  Prior to mom making the move to Sedgwick Plaza, I and my brother came to tour the community and visit with Misty. During our visit with her we found that she was familiar with our mom and had actually had prior interactions with her. Misty had visited with my mom and had even taken lunch to her home to get to know her better. (A neighbor who lived near mom had referred her to Misty).  After visiting with our mom and then us, Misty felt mom would be an excellent candidate for their community. The transition from the tour to getting mom to move in was a smooth one. We were shocked, we had been met with such struggle each time we visited with mom about moving.  Along with Misty’s help we explained to mom that she needed to be in a safe place for the winter and she agreed to move.

After moving- her world opened up.  She is exposed to her peers and making new friends. She is engaging in multiple activities keeping her busy and is now engaged in making quilts!!!  Prior to that- her best friend was Judge Judy and roaming from room to room in the house. She absolutely LOVES Sedgwick Plaza.  She has informed me that she should have moved a long time ago. Go figure.  She never wanted to be in a cramped up tiny room and she doesn’t have to be; her one bedroom deluxe apartment is very roomy. She can fit her entire bedroom, living room and dining room set in her new apartment.   I would say her quality of her life has improved tremendously.

Sandra Duckett RN, CM, January 2017

Thank you, Misty, for making this all happen! My whole goal for this trip to Wichita was to start sorting Mom’s things (thinking we had several/many months) and to get her out for the tour of Sedgwick Plaza so she could put her name on a waiting list if she liked it.

It all came together in such a perfect way. First the beautiful apartment and facility, then the availability of the perfect apartment, the two year rent lock-in, the location of the apartment in the building, the fact that she can take her piano, china hutch, and her cedar chest, etc.

Mom is still feeling very shaky about this decision. I don’t know that a few more months would have changed that but she is now faced with what looks to her like an enormous undertaking, as well as the big change of moving from a place she still feels comfortable living and where she has lived for 18 years. It would have helped if I could have stayed longer to help get her through the mental transition.

My sister and I are planning to both be there during the time before and after her actual move. We don’t yet know the dates but are planning to overlap our trips to lengthen the time that at least one of us is there with her. My two brothers and my son are not too far away so they can help with all kinds of things as well. Of course they are all working full time so their time is a bit more limited but we are all committed to helping Mom with this process.

I, for one, am just so happy to know that Mom will be eating more nutritious meals, having weekly housekeeping, having transportation, having people on staff 24 hours, and having help nearby if she needs it.

Thank you again, Misty, for all you have done and all that is ahead of you to do!

Jill Stearns, December 2016

It isn’t enough to tell each person “Thank you” for their help and caring. I want their supervisors to realize the quality of people they have working for them.

My mother was a resident of Sedgwick Plaza from 2011 to 2016. When she first moved-in, she was competent to care for herself, therefore she resided in Independent Living.  The staff made her feel at home and acclimated her into the the Sedgwick Plaza family.  Their constant love and caring made the transition seamless for her.

As time passed, so did her memory, requiring more attention and care. The administrator, Deann kept me apprised regarding all changes and concerns they had for my mother. The time came when she needed more care than could be provided by Sedgwick Plaza. Deann counseled me in the process required to determine my mother’s competency and the care she now required. She was there when I had questions and provided encouragement and comfort during this emotional time.

Change does not occur quickly. While I was determining the best residential fit for my mother, the entire staff ensured me my mother would be safe in their care. They were aware of her needs and made sure they were met. Her needs had extended beyond the limits of the independent living services.  There were legal requirements that had to be completed prior to my mother being qualified to reside in a memory care community.  The staff continued to give me emotional support while taking care of this very difficult decision.

Naomi, the receptionist/concierge, was especially comforting to both my mother and me.  She was there to comfort and encourage me as I addressed difficult issues with my mother. Her loving heart gave me peace knowing that truly caring people were surrounding my mother and me.

I would like to identify a few individuals who were always there and ready to meet the needs of that day. They are: Jody, Crystal P, Crystal J, Misty, Jacob, William, Nancy and Tonya. They quality of physical and emotional care they provide is beyond the norm. It is obvious they love what they are doing and the residents benefit from this attitude.

Phyllis S, Daughter of A. Y.

Making that Decision

We have never regretted our decision to move into a Retirement Community sooner rather than later in our life. Years ago an older friend said he was going to move, in his words, “while he could still walk through the door and not go in, in a wheelchair.” I liked his way of thinking.

My wife and I were able to visit several communities as we began our search. We wanted to find the one that best suited us, after all we were and are still very independent and we wanted to stay that way. After visiting several communities and looking at the space of the apartments, it was easy to see that Sedgwick Plaza was the one for us. The rooms were large and the closet/storage space was better than any we looked at. We called Misty the Sales Director and she was elated. She helped us where we needed her too and helped to make the transition easier.

After we decided what we wanted to take, we gave our children the choice of what was left. After they took what they wanted we had an auction and disposed of the rest. Whew… Deep breath we were about to experience freedom from home maintenance.

Since moving to Sedgwick Plaza a little more than four years ago, my wife and I have been very active members in our new home. We enjoy many of the in house activities and still continue our social life outside of the community. I myself am an avid cyclist and have the privilege of having the bike trial not far from Sedgwick Plaza. In our time here I have ridden 8,215 miles to be exact. My wife Pat volunteers on the new social committee group. This is a group made up of the residents here whom work closely with the Life Enrichment Coordinator to plan day trips, outings, and the social enrichment programs in our community. Pat and I both have severed, at one time or another as President of the Resident Council and Town Hall. We enjoy our independence and come and go as we please. However, we love the fact that if we ever need something there is staff available to assist.  We like the idea that if we ever needed to give up our car, that Sedgwick Plaza offers transportation. Or if we needed medical care or assistance that Sedgwick Plaza offers that in another part of our community, so we will not have to leave the friends we have made here.

If you are looking for a place where you don’t have to worry about the maintenance of the yard and house anymore, we encourage you to come visit our community. We definitely encourage you to consider the move sooner than later. We know we have enjoyed it!

Merle and Pat Walker, Sedgwick Plaza Residents

I have lived at Sedgwick Plaza almost two years now and plan to spend the rest of my days here. Prior to moving to Kansas I lived in Colorado where my daughter and her family and my son and his family live. I have a sister and other family in the Wichita area and decided I wanted to move near to them. My daughter got a hold of her in-laws who live in Wichita, who had checked out several other communities in the area. They told her that out of all of them they looked into Sedgwick Plaza was the welcoming and helpful place they visited. The staff was amazing. My daughter reached out to Misty the sales person to find out more about the community. Misty was one of the biggest selling points at that time with myself and son and daughter. She sold it to me site unseen. And stayed in contact with me until my move in day. Everything she promised was just like she said it would be. I couldn’t be happier here. I have wonderful friend and am surrounded by wonderful and loving staff. Even when I was in rehab, my friends from Sedgwick Plaza and some of the staff came out to visited me several times until I could come back home to The Plaza which I feel is truly my home. I was welcomed back with open arms and loving smiles.

Jeanie Figgins, Resident

Time for a change? Our son suggested senior living apartments. Checked on line,choose those we felt fit our life style. We took tours, numbers and feel of residents. Thought we had lots of time to decide. Four years ago my husband had heart attack…That was our sign it was time NOW to make that change.On way home from hospital, son ask if I had checked out Sedgwick Plaza just down the street. I had him stop and went inside. Misty, one in charge of tours was not in, but they gave me information. Misty called next day and set up tour. She knew what it would take to make our move painless as possible. Residents are our friends and neighbors. I thank God for putting us in the right place at the right time.
If you find yourself in this time, consider Sedgwick Plaza. We would love to share our space with you!

Delva Powers, Resident

My wife and I moved into The Sedgwick Plaza Independent Living about 2 years ago and have really enjoyed it. Before we moved in we were searching for an independent living type of an arrangement I contacted A Place for Mom referral organization for information and they sent me several listings to pick from that met my criteria. I contacted and visited some of them. Sedgwick Plaza was also on the list and I called and made an appointment for Misti Brake to come to our home.

When Misti came for the appointment it didn’t take long for me to know that we were going to be moving to the Sedgwick Plaza. It was not that the Plaza had much more to offer but the way Misti presented it and sold herself and that built up the confidence and trust to the point that we knew Sedgwick Plaza was the place where we were moving to.

When we moved my wife had Alzheimer’s for about 4 years and that was the reason for wanting a safer environment for her. She passed away a year ago but instead of me moving I decided to stay on. It was a decision that I have not regretted.

The environment is more an all family affair and it is a very rewarding experience just to be here.

Jerry B. Baker, Resident

I moved to Sedgwick Plaza a couple of years ago. I wasn’t really looking hard, more or less just thinking about it. I had a house to sell and I loved my home. My husband had passed away, I was still active in my social groups but at times still very lonely. I knew about Sedgwick Plaza because my brother and his wife were living there at time in the Independent Living and had for a quiet a few years. He and his wife were a second generation to live at Sedgwick Plaza. His mother-in-law had also lived there and I had visited a few times. I looked at several communities during my search. I knew I really liked Sedgwick Plaza but wanted to make sure it was the right place for me. I was still independent but knew that someday there might come a time that I needed more care. Sedgwick Plaza had everything I was looking for in regards to amenities, even some that others fell short on. But that wasn’t really what sold me, I knew I could get the services I needed at other communities also. What sold me on Sedgwick Plaza was that Misty, our sales director was willing to go the extra mile for me. She made me feel like part of the Sedgwick Plaza family right away. She even came out to my house and help me floor scape my apartment on a graph so that my belongings fit perfectly on moving day. As I drove to my new home that first day I was excited about my choice. I felt like the Lord had led me here. I remember my children saying how happy they were that I decided to do it sooner than later and that I had made the decision myself to not wait. After two years of living here I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I am very happy with our staff and have made great friends here that are more than just friends, they are my extended family and support. Sedgwick Plaza is as much my home as my house was. So much so that I had 12 of my family members join me for Thanksgiving this past year. Take it from me, a lady who likes to have fun and be active, we are not short on things to do, if you choose to do them. We have everything and anything for anyone. Bridge, bingo, crafts, weekly trips, ice cream socials and something very dear to me, Bible Study and Sunday worship services. I know I made the right choice, as age would have it, my eyesight isn’t as grand as it was in my youth and after two years, I willing gave up the keys to my car a couple month months ago. It wasn’t hard for me to do so because Sedgwick Plaza provides the transportation for me. I have been blessed here. If I wasn’t feeling well, there was more than enough extended family to check on me. If you are thinking about looking, worried about looking, can’t decide if you should look or not, believe me you won’t be sorry that you took the leap of faith and did, if you choose Sedgwick Plaza. I am really thankful for my family and friends. Those that haven’t yet moved in and those that have and are now my neighbors.

– Your future friend at Sedgwick Plaza

Helen Perrin

If you are looking, don’t miss out on this diamond in the rough. Our dad lives at Sedgwick Plaza and we couldn’t be happier. We moved him last year and although he wasn’t “quiet” ready, we knew he couldn’t be at home any longer. His quality of life was dwindling from last of socialization and he wasn’t eating right. Misty was kind and caring and took time to coach us through the hard stuff. She gave us as much time as we needed and helped to put the puzzle pieces together in what we thought would be an overwhelming situation. Dad couldn’t be happier. We toured many other communities and although they were newer, the atmosphere didn’t have the same warm, friendly welcome that Sedgwick Plaza did. The family atmosphere, caring staff and very welcoming residents (they love to visit) makes this community feel like home. Residents and staff make you feel like you are family when you first come in the door. We would recommend if you are looking to give them a call, you’ll be happy you did.

Family Member

We got here in Sedgwick Plaza in Halloween of 2012, and I am very satisfied. It’s great, and I just downsized to a small place when my wife moved out. It’s three stories, and I’m in a one-bedroom apartment, which is nicely sized. They have different sizes. They have two bedrooms also, and that’s what we had when my wife was here. The food is good; there are three meals a day. They have a movie every night, and it’s free. They have a lot of activities, a lot of professional music groups and individuals come in, they play the piano, violin, and most of them sing. They have an exercise program. I went into an exercise class in the morning, they had a woman leading it, and I found out later she was 93 years old, which was mostly movement, not lifting weights or dancing. It lasts probably 25 minutes, six days a week. The rent, I really can’t compare that; it’s no higher than the others because I wouldn’t be here if it was. I was talking to a gentleman the other day; he is 95 years old, and he has been here 22 years. What stands out is the attitude of the people that are here; they all like it, and the staff really works closely to please everybody.


My parents moved to Sedgwick Plaza summer of 2006 after my mom had a major stroke. They found it to be clean, comfortable and welcoming. Residents and staff were eager to help them get settled in and involved in activities. Meals were good and the staff was so caring. Eventually they moved to the Assisted Living wing where mom received excellent and attentive care. Even after mom passed away in 2010, dad stayed on, as he felt they were his Wichita family. He lived there until he passed away in 2014 and was an enthusiastic supporter of Sedgwick Plaza the whole time. As a family member, I was so thankful that they were safe, cared for and happy. Sedgwick Plaza is a beautifully decorated and comfortable residence, and I can’t say enough about the wonderful staff.

Family Member


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